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Tara Boulware



I’m super excited to spend the next 9 months teaching your children about math! We will gain an immense amount of knowledge this year in preparation for the STAAR test in May of 2019. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.


***IMPORTANT INFO for 3rd Grade Math***

  1. MATH REVIEW- Is given to students on Monday and is due by THURSDAY of the same week. This is NOT HOMEWORK, but simply a review of concepts learned previously that students need practice with. It is usually front and back and are concepts that student’s should be able to complete independently, but you and I can also help them if need be. Students can bring them home for homework if they wish, but it can be completed anytime and turned into the box by THURSDAY MORNING at 8AM. If students do not turn it in by Thursday morning they will have to work on it at recess time on Thursday. If they have questions, I am more than happy to help them with it. 
  2. TAKE HOME FOLDERS- Blue “TAKE HOME FOLDERS” are sent home every day. On MONDAYS graded papers are sent home from the previous week’s assignments.
  3. WEEKLY NEWSLETTER- The weekly newsletter is also sent home each Monday. It includes the STORY OF THE WEEK, MATH FOR THE WEEK, CALENDAR, & SPELLING WORDS. Please pay attention each Monday to important information on the newsletter. 
  4. Math Grades-  Math grades mainly come from the “yellow page” in the Go Math workbook. We work the 4 pages before it as a class each day and then students complete the “yellow page” independently with minimal assistance from the teacher. If students score below a 70 on any assignment I have them correct it for a maximum grade of 70(per ZISD grading policy). Daily grades are also taken from “morning work”.                   ***Tests come from TEKS RESOURCE, DMAC, and GO MATH ASSESSMENT curriculum that are aligned with the TEKS and STAAR objectives.*** These are given at the end of a module/unit. Students record their answers for these tests on an answer document and those will come home with the answer document and the report from DMAC showing their score, with individual student answers. These are to be signed and returned the next day. 
  5. STAAR Testing- The STAAR Test is administered about the 2nd week of May for 3rd grade MATH & READING. 

Tara Boulware

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